How iBuyers Work and Why You Should Be Careful When Selling To One In Cleveland

How iBuyers Work and Why You Should Be Careful When Selling To One

Have you thought about selling your house to an iBuyer? Before you do, it is important to know how they work and what they can offer, understand the ibuying process and the companies that offer it as a service, and the value that these companies can provide to sellers. Below, is a quick rundown of what to expect when selling your house to an iBuyer in Cleveland

If you have been thinking about selling a house in Cleveland, you’ve likely heard about iBuyers. While their service may seem alluring, many home sellers find they walk away with much less than they had planned on. Working with or a Cleveland real estate agent can provide you with a much better solution. Keep reading to learn more about what you should expect when working with an iBuyer in Cleveland!

How The Process Works

The process of working with an iBuyer is pretty simple and convenient, which is why so many people are interested in selling this way. While things may seem easy, the offers aren’t always all that great. Here is how the process works:

  • Submit Your Information – First, you will tell the iBuyer as much as you can about your property. You want to make sure that all of the good things, as well as the bad things, are taken into account when your offer is generated.
  • Get A Fast Offer – iBuyers utilize technology to determine the offer price for your property. They will input the data, creating a home value report. You will typically receive an offer for your house in only a day or two. Make sure you are aware of any and all fees imposed by the iBuyer as this will have a serious impact on what you are actually walking away with.
  • Decide If It Is Right For You – After getting your offer, you will be given some time to think about what you would like to do next. Make sure you understand all of the fees that come along with working with an iBuyer. This is a great time to compare your options to determine which selling method will best help you and your current situation.
  • Close – When closing with an iBuyer the process can be completed in only a matter of days. This can be a huge draw for people who are wanting to sell a house fast in Cleveland. That said, you will likely be receiving much less after all is said and done. Offers are typically much lower, not to mention the costs and fees.

What To Watch Out For

There are a number of things to be aware of when selling your Cleveland house to an iBuyer. First of all, you are likely to walk away with much less than if you would have sold with an agent of a direct buyer. The offers are typically much lower and that doesn’t account for all of the fees. According to, a home seller will pay 13-15% more in fees than they would to an average selling agent! This can amount to thousands of dollars lost.

iBuyer fees may eat away at seller profits

Another thing to watch out for is the way the iBuyer creates your offer. While some variables are accounted for in the offer, others, such as a short commute or fantastic view, won’t be factored. These things are part of what makes your house so special and they won’t be considered when working with an iBuyer to sell your house fast in Cleveland. Don’t devalue your house in order to achieve a quick sale. can buy your house directly, closing just as quickly as any iBuyer can… except with us, you won’t have to worry about any of the costs or fees.

You should also consider what these low offers from iBuyers do for the homes around them. Once sold, the data will be used for CMA’s on other nearby properties. A low offer that is accepted can cause other homes in the area to lose value. iBuyers do not have the same attachment to neighborhoods as the team at does. Our goal is to pay fair prices for houses while revitalizing neighborhoods. We want to help communities thrive.

Are iBuyers profitable?

Sell home for cash to iBuyers

iBuyers are large corporations that use investor money to buy and sell properties at a profit. While some ibuyers use the ibuyer concept to dominate the market and expand on their footprint (Zillow and OpenDoor are open about thier losses), others are focused on the profitability of the ibuyer segment in their business. Needless to say, profitability of ibuyers should not be a factor in a home seller decision to sell their house.

Does Opendoor and other iBuyers pay a fair price?

OpenDoor and Zillow instant offers are based on the value their business models project using recent home sales data. The problem with the automated value that is placed on a home is that it does not get a true picture of the situation the seller is in and it is typically based on past data. The open market is a much better way to value any property as home prices change rapidly.

iBuyers valuation of houses

Is Zillow an iBuyer?

iBuyers options available to home sellers

Yes, Zillow is an iBuyer. Other notable iBuyers are OpenDoor, Knock, Redfin Now and OfferPad. Their valuation model is based on using AI to instantly evaluate properties and provide cash offers to sellers. Sellers may find that these iBuyers may not always make offers that make any sense, since the valuation model used may not take into account variables that are available to an equally qualified local house buyer.

Expectations when selling to an iBuyer

A seller will be expecting to get quick cash offers when selling to an iBuyer and have an overall smooth real estate transaction. However, that is not always beneficial for a seller. There is not much clarity on how the real estate transactions play out, what is the service charge, if any, are there any agent commissions, and the value of additional services that the seller is expected to purchase from the iBuyer or its partners. The investment strategy that these iBuyers employ in their business models is based on low profit margins in the home buying business and the service fee and charges that they collect from the affiliated companies or specialized branch of their business.

What other options are available to a home seller?

The obvious option is to pick real estate professionals that are local to your area and know more about what drives the real estate market rather than selling to an iBuyer. There are plenty real estate investors that are qualified cash buyers for your home. The typical cash buyers are house flippers that remodel the homes and add value to the property and the neighborhood. A house flipper is a contributor to the local economy as it spends money on fixing up the property by buying local labor and materials. Home flippers work with listing agents and pay agent commissions once the rehab and the home sales are completed.

Why Choose Instead?

iBuyers confuse you? We are here to help

At our company we are able to make you a direct offer, just as an iBuyer would, yet we don’t charge any of the commissions or fees. Rather than going with a large company like OpenDoor, Knock, Zillow Offers or other iBuyer, trust your local home buyer that has bought many homes in your market and can make a fast cash offer on your home. We are transparent with our process from the starting point until closing. Plus, as locals, we understand the open market and what home sellers are looking for. We are a “we buy houses” company – local buyer to your area and our home buying program is tailored to each market we serve. Our goal is to help sellers, and we do this by listening to their stories, pain points and understanding their selling goals. We provide an abundance of information all without any cost or commitment. Our process can be much more beneficial than working with an iBuyer or a Cleveland real estate agent. Working with an agent will cost you time and money. Listings come with failed house showings, convoluted home selling process, unrealistic projected sales price by the agent, an odd offer that cannot be closed on due to lack of buyer pre-qualification. Our team is ready to buy your home outright, as-is, in only a matter of days!

Do you want to learn more about iBuyers and how they work? To learn more about iBuyers and how to sell your house fast in Cleveland, reach out to our team today!

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