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Do You Need To Sell House Fast in Reynoldsburg?

Selling your house is probably one of the most stressful tasks in an average person’s life. If due to some personal reasons like loss of a job, mounting debt, or any other family issues, you need to sell your house fast, then it is an additional burden. As a homeowner, you have more than a few options to choose from when it comes to selling your home.

You can do what most home sellers do traditionally in the market: hire an agent and make sure that you depend on that expert to sell your house fast and complete the sale. Research in the real estate market indicates that sellers are more likely to sell a house if they hire a real estate expert. Most real estate sales happen under the patronage of real estate professionals who have better access to the market, have real estate licenses, and have a list of clients that step up to a good opportunity when they see one. Make sure you check all these before hiring an agent. It is not the only way to sell your home and in most instances, it may not fit your situation. More on this below…

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Tips for Selling House Fast in the Traditional Way

After the decision of a sale is made by the owner of a home without any doubt and it is said clearly that “Sell my house fast!”, there can be a number of tips for selling fast. These tips depend upon some questions about the service required, offer price/asking price, mortgage status, realtors/agent, and finally, the home itself, that need to be answered by you first.

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If you say, “I want to sell my house” then you should know that someone who is selling their home, has to face some questions head-on :

  • how fast is the sale needed on the home?
  • what is the primary goal to be achieved by selling this home?
  • in which city/state the home is located?
  • what is the position of the mortgage on the home?
  • how is the real estate market generally in that area?
  • have other realtors already taken a swing at it trying to sell this home?
  • on what other platform is the home listed?
  • is it a single or multiple-family home?
  • how far below the market offer can the seller go on this home?
  • is there any agent involved in selling this home or is it being sold by the owner of the home?
  • is the home owned by an individual or co-owned by a family?
  • what kind of job/service is the owner of the home involved in?
  • if it is family-owned then is the entire family on the same page?
  • what is the minimum offer acceptable?
  • do you require any down-payment?
  • are you going to buy the next house on a mortgage or on cash?
Use Real Estate Agents

You can list your house with a listing agent or preferably the top real estate agent in your area as it is their job and because of the attraction of commission, they make sure to provide you quick service and achieve the goal assigned to them. You need to make sure that you provide professional listing photos and read the listing agreement carefully.

Market research indicates that most sellers use the service of an agent when it comes to selling a house quickly. Make sure that you also check the track record of an agent regarding home sales on short notice. Only after researching and vetting the information given by the agents, you can make an informed decision.

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The downside of this option however is, that agents work for a thing called commission, and if your house values less, then the commission will also be smaller. Hence agents will pay less attention to your house as compared to the bigger ones with expensive price tags on them. Therefore, your need to sell house fast can suffer with such agents.

Sell The House Yourself

sell the house yourself in Reynoldsburg OH

This method is most commonly known as FSBO (For Sale By Owner). If a homeowner has decided to sell their home themselves, without employing the services of a real estate agent, it means they are interested in saving the commission of at least 3% to 6%. This can be a good option if you are selling your home on social media or in a seller’s market or to someone you already know. Otherwise, for selling your house fast, this is not the recommended way to go because data suggests that not more than 10% of total real estate transactions are FSBO type. So the thing which is not attracting most customers is not a noteworthy item.

Sell Your House At An Auction

Auctions are arranged by the auction houses of the area and are a good way to quickly sell your house, especially if you live in an area where the demand for property is high. An auction is better than selling your home in the open market precisely because of the time and hassle that it saves.

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Though it involves heavy fees, commissions and you may lose the right to decline the sale after you have taken the step of putting your house on the auction. As a seller, an auction does make your life a bit simpler but again, choosing the right auctioneer, giving away your ultimate control, and risking the sale on minimum bidding price or no one bidding, are the factors that make it an uncomfortable option to choose.

Traditional Way of Home Selling Takes More Time Than Cash Home Sales

If you ready to sell fast and by fast, meaning super quick, like in 10 days or something, only a cash sale has the potential to do that. Cash is what makes the home sale happen speedily.

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Like in a short sale, when someone is under the mortgage and misses payments, they are forced to close. To avoid the foreclosure option, it is better to go for a short sale and without profit just let the lender take the money coming from the sale. The price in this option is not better here and you will definitely get less money but this price reduction ensures a quick home sale.

Therefore this is not a favorable mortgage solution hence not a good property decision. This is the reason due to which short sales are avoided as a short sale means the seller is under heavy debt and cannot pay the mortgage. Make sure there is no other option if you find yourself thinking about the short sale and ready to sell your house.

Why Cash Buyers Buy Property for Cash – What Benefit Do They Have

From a cash sale, there is no need to pay an agent or for a pocket listing of your home with any agents in your area and you may get a good price overall considering the need to sell your home fast is satisfied. From the perspective of the buyer, if you accept the cash offer below the market value/sale price and sell your house fast, the cash buyer gets a good deal. This buyer then spends some money on the property, improves the house fast, and then proceeds to sell your house for cash on a proper sales price on the top-dollar market value to its clients.  Potential buyers will be most interested in your home if you are accepting a cash offer to sell your home.

Investors pay cash for houses in Reynoldsburg OH

If you say “I want to sell my house fast”, the real estate agents and other home buyers would reply in unison “We want to buy your house”. They will flock around you convince you to sell your home because they make good money on it eventually after you sell your home. Though as a seller you might come to this point of developing the need to sell your home in your life not quite often, the track record of buyers has more than one sale experience on their resume. They will buy your house if it seems like a good deal to them and they don’t care much about curb appeal or storage unit etc.

Advantages Of Cash Sale For the HomeOwner

Instead of selling your home in the traditional way of sale through a real estate agent if homeowners decide to put their property on sale for cash, they can get the following benefits from their home :

sell house for cash in Reynoldsburg OH
No Closing Cost

In a cash sale, buyers give a final cash offer for the property to the sellers, without any hidden fees or costs. You just talk about the asking price of the home, taking into account everything at once. Who will pay what and to whom? These questions, mostly raised by the real estate agent on either side, are to be discussed and debated. The buyer tries to negotiate the best price with the seller’s agent and the closing costs issue is always discussed.

No Commission To Be Paid To Real Estate Agents

In a cash sale of a house, every homeowner says: “I want to sell my house fast” and hence they are given an offer by the buyer directly, without the involvement of any real estate agent. Homes like these can be in any city or state and homeowners directly deal with the buyer without involving any agent. In this simple business, if the sales price of the home mentioned in the offer by the buyer is anywhere near the price range in the homeowners’ mind, after a brief negotiation, the business concludes.

You Can Save Time

This is by far the most fruitful characteristic of a cash sale that the homeowner saves a lot of time going through this process. No house showings or stagings are required and no repairs or additional work is required by the buyers. Homes that are being sold for cash are usually put on sale by sellers who are facing some problem in their life, usually of personal or professional nature.

Cash buyers are not expecting or looking for a well-maintained property with proper storage space or a house in good condition. Potential buyers are interested in the lowest overall price so that after they make improvements on the property, it appreciates much more in value, generating them more profit. The goal for the buyer is to complete the whole process within a couple of weeks at max and get on with the other business.

The Process Is Much Simpler

As discussed above, there are no house stagings or showings, or open-houses involved in the cash selling process. Without the presence of any real estate agents, buyers deal directly with the seller and make an offer on the home usually within 24 hours. On the other side (i.e. the side of the buyer) there is no real estate agent involved either. Thus, this makes the process much simpler as it removes a lot of options and reduces the time spent on needless paperwork, negotiations about who covers what part of the home repairs, and intrusions/suggestions of a real estate agent.

Once the seller agrees to make the cash sale, the first step is to request offer from the home buyers by submitting the required information in a form. Without involving any agent, the cash offer is made by the buyer and if they are on the same page regarding that offer, the deal is done. A formal meeting happens at the home and this thing is finalized amicably.

This simple and fast method doesn’t include any listing or realtors/agents in any capacity.

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Our Simple & Quick Selling Process will buy your home directly, allowing you to avoid the typical hassle-filled sale process. Our focus is on the sellers and their homes.

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Meeting face-to-face has more value than just online or social media-based interaction. Therefore, we meet with you at your house and view the property first-hand. Our expert team then presents you with a cash offer for your house.

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Some homes need to be sold quickly and some sellers are not in so much of a hurry. Therefore, we leave it up to you to decide the closing date of your choice. We don’t involve any agent in this process and as per your chosen closing date, we deliver cash and buy your house.

Avoid Commissions And Fees of Real Estate Agent When Selling Your House To Us is a real estate investment company that buys, remodels, and sells homes. We buy homes for cash and, once our offer is accepted, we can close home quickly as we do not have to wait for a bank to come through with financing. Since no agent is involved in the process, therefore, homes are sold without much delay, within a matter of a few days. Due to the absence of an agent, no commission or fees need to be paid for the homes either.

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Need To Sell Your House Fast in Reynoldsburg?

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